Siri vs Google Assistant vs Bixby

In this world of everyday expanding digital technology, everyone is keen to know about the always increasing importance of digital assistant. The market is full of different digital assistants now and the tug-of-war to succeed among themselves is presenting amazing opportunities to the users. Digital assistant provided in a mobile phone helps you to complete few tasks based on your speech, whether it is related to general knowledge or related to opening an app and doing as you say. These digital assistants are becoming utterly useful day by day due to the increasing number of things they can deliver to a common man. Different companies are providing different features with their mobile phone assistants and today we compare three of the most useful and famous of them all.

Three of the best companies in the market having their virtual assistants are Apple, Samsung and Google. Apple was founded in 1976 and its logo was inspired by Steve Jobs’ childhood story. Samsung was founded in 1938 and its logo is its name itself, which means three stars.Google was launched in 1997 and changed its logo quite a few times in the last few years. All these three logos are the powerhouses in producing smartphones with the best technologies. Having one of these logos on your smartphone is a big privilege nowadays.

Apple’s Siri is one of the oldest one and was quite famous until the others came into the market. While Samsung launched Bixby, Google opened its account with the Google Assistant. All three of these are now competing for superiority and all of them have pros and cons of their own. While Siri and Bixby can only work on iOS devices and selected Samsung smartphones respectively, Google Assistant can work on Android as well as iOS devices (with some limited functionality). We have provided you few important points and observations to judge which one would be better for you. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you would be able to decide which one is the best for you.

Response Time

Response time is one of the most important things as you usually don’t want to wait when you are depending on someone else to complete a task for you. We found the Google Assistant to be the fastest to respond to the basic queries like asking for the time or the weather. Siri was the second in comparison to the two of its compatriots while Bixby took quite a bit of time to respond to such queries.

Ease of Access

‘Hey Siri’ and ‘OK Google’ are quite common as these commands are used to access Siri and the Google Assistant respectively. Samsung makes this interesting as they have introduced a proper dedicated button only for accessing Bixby. Both Google Assistant and Siri are provided with a voice command to access. Also, they have a shortcut to hold the home button that calls the virtual assistant. Samsung makes it a lot easier by providing a button. The placement of the button is also excellent as it is just below the volume ones, which makes it pretty easy to access with both hands. Pushing the button once opens the Bixby page, whereas you can talk to Bixby by holding the same. You can also use your voice to call Bixby by saying ‘Hi Bixby’. We feel that Samsung takes this one by quite a margin as it is really easy to access.

Basic Comparison

We started this by asking the basic questions to all of them, which any voice assistant should answer. This included the questions like asking for weather, temperature, time or time zones, setting up an alarm or reminder, turning on the bluetooth or Wi-Fi etc. All of these things were done quite easily by all of them. But,Siri can only access the camera and cannot take pictures. If you ask Siri to take a selfie, it will just open the front camera and will not take a picture. The other two, Google Assistant and Bixby, take pictures as you say. Bixby is a bit more customized as it also changes a few settings related to the camera. It might change the resolution or the quality of the picture according to your requirement.


This is one of the basic things you might want your voice assistant to do. Asking your voice assistant to send or read a text message might be very helpful while driving or while you are sitting and relaxing. All three of these virtual assistants follow the commands related to text messages well. Siri is the fastest of them all but Bixby is also not too far behind. They send messages efficiently and read the messages as well. One drawback related to the Google Assistant here is that it just opens the message first and then asks you whether to speak it loud or not. Some of us might find this feature useful as well, as they might not want their assistant to read their message loudly right away. These virtual assistants can also help you to read or send the messages on particular apps. But ultimately, we found Siri to be the most efficient for this amongst all.


This is the one which is pretty difficult to call among the three. All the three logos, Google, Samsung as well as Apple were able to perform this action without any glitch.

Complex Queries or Instructions

We tried a few complex commands with all three of them. If you ask them to sing a song for you, you’ll find out that Siri and Bixby refuse this straight away. Google assistant will help you out by singing its original composition. In case you ask them about a Bollywood movie or a song, all of them would not function properly. Siri might listen to you properly but would not give any result. Google and Bixby won’t listen to you correctly. When trying to calibrate with other apps, Google assistant comes out to be the best. If you ask it to make a folder of your recent photos, it will do that perfectly. You can even ask it to that on Instagram or Facebook or ask it to post something for you on the same. Bixby can also do that for you but Siri is not that efficient yet.


This is a section where you would be able to see the difference clearly. While asking the fixtures of Machester United or scores related to Manchester United, Bixby had no idea of what we were asking. Google assistant provides you the required fixture. Whereas, Siri is quite good at answering these questions and it will provide you the scores as well as future fixtures of the required team. Whether it is cricket or football, Siri will provide you the best answers related to sports. Thus, Siri is by far the winner in this sports section.


This is related to asking a follow up question on an already asked question. Siri never remembers the context and is last in this section. Google Assistant is the best one as it remembers the things. Try asking it to list a few movies of Leonardo DiCaprio and it will list the movies. If you then ask ‘What is his age?’, the Google Assistant will understand that the ‘he’ you are talking about is ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’. That is the difference between the Google Assistant and the others. Bixby is good when you use it while using a particular app. For example, if you open Bixby while using Youtube and ask it to open your favourites, it will understand that you are asking about the favourite related to the Youtube app. Still, Bixby falls a bit behind the Google assistant in understanding and keeping up with the conversations.

Final Verdict

After reading all of this, you should be able to decide which logo you want to have on your smartphone. For us, it was a bit difficult to decide as all of them have their own advantages. If you think about starting conversations and talking to your virtual assistant, then it is best to have the Google logo on your smartphone and if you want your assistant to be easy to use, then it is best to have the logo of Samsung on your smartphone. In case you are too fond of sports, then you would love to have the smartphone having the Apple logo. It all depends on your personal needs and the customisations you need to have. The way you use your smartphone would define the name of the virtual assistant you want to have. Finally, in our opinion, if you want your assistant to control the device you have, then you should go with Bixby. If you want your virtual assistant to search contents on the internet for you, then you should think about getting the Google Assistant. Siri still lags a bit behind these two but is good in a few things. However, you might not mind getting an Apple logo on your phone with its virtual assistant Siri, as ultimately it’s not as bad as you might think.